As more states continue to ease restrictions and businesses slowly try and get back to normal the Live Event industry is still struggling to find its footing and a way forward.


With capacities usually too small to support the fees most acts ask for, and people still apprehensive about attending events with spectators, we have taken the first steps towards allowing spectators at our upcoming Kumite series of events. We believe someone must push the envelope and we believe our shows aren't a show without our awesome community being allowed to be there and witness in person. All events will be capped at 100 spectators.


The Health and safety of our spectators, athletes, and supporters is in the front of our mind as we present a fluid process that can change depending on a few things we look at leading up to an event with our Covid-19 Advisory Team.


Below are some of the steps we plan to take to ensure a fun, safe, semi normal night.


  • All Athletes and Spectators will be given the option to wear a mask. Wearing a mask is not mandatory. We will be selling 3CG masks for a small price if you wish to wear one but did not bring with you.

  • All 3CG staff including referees will be required to wear a mask while working the event and to ensure overall cleanliness.

  • Mats will be sanitized as needed between matches with a disinfectant specifically used to eliminate the Covid-19 virus from materials.

  • A health questionnaire and waiver will be presented to all staff, spectators, and athletes that must be answered truthfully and signed off on by both Athlete, spectator, and promoter within 48 hrs of the event.

  • Athletes will be screened by a Medical Professional for any irregularities or concerns at the weigh ins regarding their health and Covid-19

  • Temperature checks and hand sanitizing stations will be at the front where you will enter the venue. You will sanitize your hands and be temp checked before being allowed inside.

  • Once inside it will be verified you have been screened and waiver and questionnaire signed. If not you will be asked to do so right there before being allowed entrance into the event area.

  • Seating will be set up in a way that if in the same household you may sit together closer but if not we will suggest but not require mixed groups to please be mindful of social distancing recommendations and do their best to abide. Seating and event set up will be done with consultation from our Covid-19 advisory team and we will ensure we follow all current data and info to make sure we are in compliance with local and federal regulations while still providing a spectator friendly environment.

  • In the event that someone attending the event later is determined to be COVID positive we will be providing contact information for all participants and attendees to the health district as required. No names will be released to the public, it will solely be used for follow-up contact tracing.

  • Lastly with these recommendations and other things we plan to put in place we believe it's time to get back to enjoying sporting events LIVE as long as it's safe. We will continue to monitor the situation and make adjustments as needed.


If you have any questions about our Covid-19 event policy please reach out to our staff and we'd be glad to clarify anything. We will see you this Summer!